Bhanu Deepthi Photography

Happy clicking

Rain times 

Clouds come floating ,Pitter- patter drops

Silence of the nature

Filled with windy usher and aroma

Groovy bumblebees ,Melodical chirps

Rain dance of kids ,Puddles of water

Colors my sunset sky grey



Get Chiseled

This post is about my travel down to Kumbakonam or the “Temple Town” located in Tamil Nadu,India.  It is known as the “Cambridge of South India”  for culture and education.

My trip dates back to the Sangam period (3rd century BC to 3rd century AD) and was ruled by the Early Cholas, Pallavas, Medieval Cholas, Later Cholas, Pandyas, the Vijayanagar Empire, Madurai Nayaks, Thanjavur Nayaks and the Thanjavur Marathas.

I was super excited I had been on the streets of Temple Town with my 3rd eye for beautiful captures, as each street has temples with huge temple tower, magnificent Dravidian architectural style  and its history which dates back to the past which was eye captivating.

Each temple was an architectural brilliance. Each sculpture which is being carved out was very incredible.

When I am viewing these remarkable sculptures it made me to portray myself as a SCULPTOR  of  my LIFE. Where each and every moment has been beautifully CHISELED by me. Made me feel that I am a MAKER and a BREAKER. For me sculptures were not just an artistic  rock carving  BUT they were soul VOICES spoke to me how to cast, mold, reshape and sculpt myself into a perfect sculpture during good-times and hardships.

Since then I have started to SCULPT  myself and I am  getting CHISELED from a  BETTER  to a BEST SCULPTURE.

As we are all SCULPTS MAN for our lives. It’s time for us to GET CHISELED.


Journey through dragonfly eyes

This tiny delicate  darlings thought me how to live.

Reflect ! 
I am ready to leave a spark!
My eye’s captures all the moments !
I Trust my wings

I learned to flutter my wings and trust them  i.e. trust my dream and goals which are in a farther prospective and reach them  in flying colors with a happy heart and  by leaving a spark in whatever I do!


My first encounter of this year

Tick -Tock  rang the clock !

Awe 😀

Its Sunday morning thoughts lost but was glee stuck hurry its a new year 😉

Head spinned with multiple thoughts and kick off plans with huge lists like meeting up friends, fun, etc but heart said one sec I have some wonderful plan for you. Why not you chose to be all yourself? It sounded real cool and exciting as loneliness is a special enjoyment when chosen by our-self.

Umm, I started my year with my love for nature. It was bliss filled start. I came encountering beautiful birds and different shades of nature. At this connection I have encountered  a Squirrel and Woodpecker. It was love stuck for my eyes ❤ and made me caught snapping it.


This beautiful moment framed back my lovely memories of my special ones who I have encountered all of sudden but been with me for years. I love you and thank you for staying with me. It makes me wish a very big and best for you from bottom of my heart through out your life and may all your wishes come true and have great 2017. Keep smiling 🙂



Lord Brahma’s – The Creator Instructions

Lord Brahma, the Creator, had three classes of children— gods, men and demons. All of these classes of Brahma’s Children were always trying to gain control on the whole creation. Thus there were frequent wars and battles between the demons and the gods. Every time when the gods won the baffles there was, peace and religious yagyas(Rituals) on Earth. But when the demons won a battle, hatred, famine, drought and chaos reigned on earth. As a result, there used to be chaos in all the three worlds, Heaven where gods dwelt, Earth where men resided and the place where the demons stayed.

One day Lord Brahma was very sad to see that there was no solution to this chaos, so Brahma decided to instruct them.

Lord Brahma Idol,Padagaya, Pittapuram, Andhra pradesh, India

So Lord Brahma shouted in a loud voice which only said “Da!”
The gods, the men and the demons all three heard it and went to Lord Brahma to find what it meant.

Lord Brahma said to the gods, ‘Da, can you tell me what I mean to tell you through this one word?”

The Gods said, “Da means `Damyata’ that is ‘restraint.’ We are always enjoying heavenly pleasures and are taken unaware by demonic attacks. So Da means that we must control our sensual enjoyment.”

“Yes, you have very well understood what I mean said Lord Brahma.”Now, men, do you know what I meant by Da?”

The men said, “0 Lord! To us Da means ‘dana’(Wealth or money)  which is giving in charity. You have taught us to give up our greedy nature. We will give everything that does not belong to us in charity.”

“Sons, you too have understood correctly. You may leave now,” said Lord Brahma. Then the demons stepped forward.

“What has Da meant to you?” Lord Brahma asked the demons.The demons said, “Da means Dayadhvam’ which is mercy only.”

“Yes, from now on wards you should not kill, destroy, or demolish all that comes in your way.But, the evil heated demons left without taking his full instructions. It was because the demons did not want to stop fighting with the gods.

Till date Lord Brahma’s instruction is heard as the loud ‘Da’ in the thunder. His voice always reminds us of our duties.

Self Reflection

Everything in life is a reflection of choice you have made.

You are the reflection of what you think and that’s seen in  others.

Be a refection of what you’d like to receive and catch your reflection in window pane.


Monday  blues 

It’s such a fantastic scenic view

Green Avenue

Stream gushing as a silver cascade


Dew drops on green lushes.

Hibiscus flower

Popping up sun from his hide and seek game

Sending bright light to the land !

SunClear Sky

Chirps of birds and there lalala.. melodic calls 🙂


Bee bee wiggle dance around the flowers 😉



Oh such a wonderful view 🙂

Ticktock ticktock its time, hey! Buzz off from nature’s view.

Oh ho it’s Monday morning.

Simba – The Lion King

Caught snapping the roar of the Jungle King on a visit to Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.



I am a fighter, who strives till the end for my “PREY “

I have courage and  doesn’t always roar


I have little voice which says try again tomorrow


I will be a champion one day and you’re gonna hear me roar,

louder, louder than a Lion.

Because I am champion and you’re gonna hear me “ROAR”


At last my  dream come through a visit to Charminar, such a remarkable construction with four minarets by Mohammed Quli Qutab Shah in 1591. It’s the Pride of Hyderabad and a biggest attraction of the city. The most  magnificent structure  located on the east bank of the River Musi, in the city of Hyderabad which is  in the state of Telangana, India .

Charminar  view

There are various stories behind the construction of this monument.Some are of the belief that it was built by Qutb Shah for his wife Bhagimathi. Another legend has it that the Charminar, which is situated in the centre of the city, is believed to have been built to commemorate the eradication of plague, a disease  which had spread in the city and was actually the cause of widespread death and sorrow. Qutb Shah had prayed for the end of the disease and had vowed in his prayers that he would build a mosque at the very place that he had prayed. The monument got its name from the four minarets which are said to honor the four caliphs of Islam. This landmark monument was constructed to serve as a Mosque and a Madraasa. The layout of the plan was done by Mir Momin Astarabadi, who was the prime minister of Qutb Shah.


The entire city of Hyderabad was designed around this beautiful monument. Charminar catia style of architecture is a monument built with granite and lime mortar.and it is symbolic of typical Islamic architecture.With a stone balcony acts like a roof, a roof over the two galleries.


The main gallery in the Minar has forty-five covered prayer spaces. Just in top, there is a substantial open space to allow more people intended for prayers on Fridays.

One of the Four Minar 

The intricate carvings and moldings about the monument make Charminar any famous monument as well as a landmark in Hyderabad.

Inner view

In the evening, with the lights, the great Charminar looks even more attractive. With the passage of time has become the center of Charminar all this bustling activity that occupied its importance. It is at the bustling bazaars across the Charminar you find the standard nahari stalls as well as kulchas regarding Hyderabad. Hyderabad is one of those few urban centers, which have a fine blend of modernity as well as tradition.



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