Tick -Tock  rang the clock !

Awe 😀

Its Sunday morning thoughts lost but was glee stuck hurry its a new year 😉

Head spinned with multiple thoughts and kick off plans with huge lists like meeting up friends, fun, etc but heart said one sec I have some wonderful plan for you. Why not you chose to be all yourself? It sounded real cool and exciting as loneliness is a special enjoyment when chosen by our-self.

Umm, I started my year with my love for nature. It was bliss filled start. I came encountering beautiful birds and different shades of nature. At this connection I have encountered  a Squirrel and Woodpecker. It was love stuck for my eyes ❤ and made me caught snapping it.


This beautiful moment framed back my lovely memories of my special ones who I have encountered all of sudden but been with me for years. I love you and thank you for staying with me. It makes me wish a very big and best for you from bottom of my heart through out your life and may all your wishes come true and have great 2017. Keep smiling 🙂