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Happy clicking

Home is Home

I always wonder

why birds stay in same place

when they can fly

anywhere on earth.

Then I ask myself

the same question.



Pitter-Patter Rain Drop

An amazing rainy day ūüôā what a beautiful weather after a long hot sunny days.

Happy rainy day ūüôā Happy clicking ūüôā

¬†I remember this wonderful poem¬†‘Perfection’¬†pen down by R.H.Peat


                        Р R.H.Peat

Every oak will lose a leaf to the wind.
Every star-thistle has a thorn.
Every flower has a blemish.
Every wave washes back upon itself.
Every ocean embraces a storm.
Every raindrop falls with precision.
Every slithering snail leaves its silver trail.
Every butterfly flies until its wings are torn.
Every tree-frog is obligated to sing.
Every sound has an echo in the canyon.
Every pine drops its needles to the forest floor.
Creation’s whispered breath at dusk comes
with a frost and leaves within dawn’s faint mist,
for all of existence remains perfect, adorned,
with a dead sparrow on the ground.



Droplets on the edge
Joy of rain
On Dragon fly wings.
Jewel drops of Earth.
Golden ray puddles ūüėČ
Ah its a splash !
Pearl on leaf ūüôā
Into each some rain must fall.
Let life dance on the edge of leaf as droplet
Droplets on leaves
Rain drops are the one who bring the clouds .

The Drongo Tale’s

The stories I heard about these notorious thieves and mimic birds it was a called a Fork-Tailed Drongo or African Drongos. The Fork РTailed species are great opportunists.

For starlings and meerkats in the Kalahari Desert, The Fork-Tailed Drongo, a songbird with glossy black feathers and garnet-red eyes, is like the neighborhood dog: a trustworthy pal that’s always on the alert and ready to warn you about dangerous predators.

Except when it’s lying, because sometimes Drongos,make false alarm calls, causing their listeners to drop whatever juicy morsels they were dining on and flee the scene. Meanwhile the deceptive birds have swooped in and made off with their victim’s meal. “The Bird That Cries Wolf Changes Its Lies”

I am cunning , but really cool with much brilliance ūüėČ

Indeed Drongos are notorious among wildlife observers for their thieving ways. But sometimes the birds call “hawk” too often, and like the boy in Aesop’s fables who cried “wolf” one too many times, they discover that no one’s paying attention.

This cunning nature of the Drongo has fascinated scientists, as these birds may possess what scientists call Theory of Mind. Drongos spend 90% of their day following other animals to mimic the sound that other animals make.

This is a wonderful  ability for an animal to strategically plan and manipulate others, which is a trait only found in humans.

The wings of transformation

Awe! My happy sight is to gaze at these beautiful butterflies.

They are most gleaming, graceful, varied, enchanting, and colorful ones on earth flitting from one flower to another and a most admirable heaven-sent kisses of an angle.

If nothing ever ¬†changed there’d no butterflies

I have learned lessons of life from these beauties. To patiently transform and change into a colorful individual by finding my wings to spread and fly on my way.

The garden visitor

Every dusk you come to visit me, you are indeed my glee and been sending me millions of happiness.

Oh, a beautiful songbird (Common Tailorbird) you have been the most special visitor.

In order to spot you I need to be part of science and enjoy the nature’s bliss.

I don’t sing because I have an answer, I sing because I have a song.

Its such delight to tune in to your long, sweet, cheerful, melodic, Cheer up – Cheer up – Cheer up song my tiny one.

The garden lover, you have taught me not to worry for an earful, when I wanted to sing.

Natural Camouflage

It was a very pleasant morning for a hike. I was taking a short stroll down the park. The eye captivating view of nature was so scenic. 

Oh! you come & go, you come & go. If your colors were like my dreams Red, Gold & Green. Red, Gold and Green.

It was all greenery around and I kept gazing at the trees and bushes quickly caught snapping a beautiful Chameleon like the Chameleon love feed on the air. My thoughts rolled back, how quick this beautiful creature adapts to its environment, like how I do. 

The Hide & Seek Game

Every morning, I wait for him.

Hmm here he comes, popping up from his hide and seek game…

Ho ho its Mr.Sun!

Hello word, wake up!

Peeping through the clouds and spreading his bright beam of glowing golden rays which felt sharp on land, gives me a ray of hope and new life to the soul.

For my warm new beginning from the coldest dark starry nights.

It’s his warmness which is been ¬† sent as a kiss from the heaven above during dawn and dusk.

The amazing sight of Mr.suns’, painting the clear sky with his vibrant color patterns ¬†(Blue to Violetish – pink to Orangish – red) has painted my life with much bright.¬†

Morning bird Curiosity 

It all started that morning, I was with my daily routine, it was approximately around 6 in the morning. ¬†I have heard a very long lengthy call of a bird which created a curiosity ¬†uh, this ‘Call’ is quite unfamiliar, it’s not like “Ka Ka Ka” of ¬†Common crow. But I was in a rush so I couldn’t really give a damn about it. The very next morning ¬†around the same time I have heard same long call um mm then a thought struck my mind stating go see it must be the same new beautiful bird out there.

Oh yes!! Out my surprise it was a colorful ¬†“White – throated Kingfisher” a quick ran into home grabbed my camera and picture it.

Where is my prey ?

That’s about when I have stated an interest in watching birds haha like eyes rolling out so big around my place.

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